Eugene Arnold Jr. M.D., 83, of Murphysboro, IL, passed away Sunday, July 19, 2015 at Landmark Hospital in Cape Girardeau.

He was born June 13, 1932, in Asheville, N.C., son of Eugene A and Alene E. Creaseman Arnold Sr.. He and Paula Kelly were married Nov. 13, 1991 in Montserrat, West Indies.

Loving survivors include his wife Paula, two daughters; Elizabeth Paige Arnold of CA and Lisa Arnold of MD, a sister, Elizabeth (Howard) Hartsfield of VA and a granddaughter Laura Manning of CA.

He was preceded in death by his parents.

The family is planning a memorial service at a later date

Local arrangements by McCombs Funeral Home in Cape Girardeau.

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  1. Elizabeth Arnold

    I am so lucky to have had him for a father. He taught me so much and was so loving and generous and full of life–a joie de vive that drove him to learn everything he could about anything he was interested in. He was an amazing pianist and his music will always be one of my happiest memories. He also opened his heart and home generously to creatures of the four-footed variety. Words cannot express how much I love and miss him.

  2. Chris Rutkowski

    I’m so sorry for everyone’s loss. I didn’t know Eugene personally, but I’ve heard how amazing a man he was. I’m sad I didn’t get the chance to meet him.

  3. Ellen Ray

    I have a wonderful memory of “Dr. Arnold”. His daughter, Elizabeth (Paige) and I were visiting her parents for a weekend away from college many years ago. I remember Dr. Arnold feeling inspired to play the piano one morning and giving us quite a performance. What I remember – more than how well he played! – was the look on his face of pure joy. He was definitely gifted on the keyboard and absolutely filled with happiness as he played! I know he was a wonderful man, because of how highly Paige always spoke of him. I also know how much he will be missed. I offer my most sincere condolences on his passing and pray that everyone missing him will have peace of heart before too long.

  4. Michael Manning

    Gene Arnold was an exceptional man. He excelled in very different ways – he was a medical Dr, he was an accomplished musician and he seemed to have read everything. I knew him to be exceptionally generous and kind, and he appeared to be inspired by an adventurous spirit. I imagine he led a very full life.

    I first met Gene when his daughter Paige invited me to their house. Paige and I had recently begun dating and it was my first time meeting her parents. Somewhere in early conversation it came out that I was a musician. Conversation came easy and soon we settled into their family room where Gene proceeded to pull various albums out – one more amazing than the next…and all new to me. It was the first time I ever heard Brubeck’s “Take Five”.

    As my relationship with Paige continued, it was very clear that her parents wanted Paige, and her sister Lisa, to be happy. They were extremely generous in ways I had never experienced. Knowing them helped me learn to be gracious.

    When Gene was around 50 (give or take a couple years), Gene left his long-held position at Johns Hopkins to teach at a medical school in Montserrat, West Indies. Paige and Lisa visited for long stays and they all experienced Montserrat deeply, making new friends and living life as one does in the Caribbean. I was fortunate to enjoy two extended stays.

    The first time was just after I graduated from college. I arrived with Joseph Conrad’s “Lord Jim” in hand. I had been struggling reading this amazing book – the sentences seemed so rich that I found myself reading pages over and over. Gene cavalierly commented that he had read Lord Jim maybe eight times. It was not a “dig” at all – he was encouraging me and simply expressing a shared interest in a great book.

    Gene seemed to revel in this new life. He made friends with rock stars and eventually rented a house from one. Paige and I honeymooned there – in this amazing beach-front home with a private beach and pool, and a stream that flowed through a grove of banana trees and ended as a waterfall into the ocean. What a life he was living! In the living room was a grand piano – I still can see the grin on Gene’s face upon finishing an amazing classical performance saying ,“how about them apples”! in his North Carolina voice.

    Gene was not pretentious – he knew I was passionate about playing guitar and writing music, and in spite of my youthful arrogance and unreasonably high self esteem, Gene was always respectful and forgiving. He simply loved to play and listen to great music and to share his enthusiasm with those who shared the interest.
    Paige is very much “ her father’s daughter”, and just like her father, she is a voracious reader, a lover of classical music and has been passionate about studying the sciences and playing piano. I see Gene in her all the time.

    Montserrat seemed to give Gene a new life. He enjoyed dinners with friends, experienced new and exciting adventures and married his wife Paula there in 1991.

    Gene was always kind and welcoming to me, even after Paige and I separated. I remember our last phone call – Paige and our daughter Laura were not there – Gene was so compassionate, understanding and sweet. I am glad to have known him.

  5. Suzanne Corzine

    An intelligent, interesting, kind gentleman . . . My sincere condolences to Paula and his entire family.

  6. Renee Hartsfield Bennett

    Paula, Paige, and Lisa – I am so very sorry to hear of Uncle Gene’s passing. Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.


    Gene was my brother.I affectionately called him Genie boy. I have wonderful memories of our childhood and how proud he was my big brother. He was quite an accomplished man. Spoke many languages, talented musically, intelligent, charming man. I will miss him

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