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For families choosing Cremation as an immediate form of disposition, a brief time to privately view their loved one may be arranged. If this cannot be arranged in a timely manner, embalming may be required for viewing. However, there are times when embalming isn’t possible.

Cremation can be arranged as an immediate disposition of the body or it may be combined with Traditional Arrangements (embalming, viewing, visitation, and funeral). In Missouri, cremation requires dual authorization. The legal Next-of-Kin and the Physician / Coroner must sign appropriate authorization forms.

Urns are used to hold cremated remains. Urns may be constructed out of basic materials like cardboard or plastic, or out of more protective materials like ceramics, woods, or metals.

Some families choose to have a time of visitation and/or memorial service in conjunction with cremation. A memorial service is one where the physical body of the deceased is not present, but often photos of the deceased, their personal memorabilia, maybe a memorial DVD, and/or an urn are displayed. These services can be planned before or after the cremation process; and they can be held at the funeral home, a church, in a home, or in a private venue such as the meeting place of a civic club. Funeral staff may be engaged to assist in planning and hosting the arrangements or the family can opt to personally plan and oversee the arrangements.

If the family intends to bury or entomb the cremated remains, they sometimes choose to have a committal ceremony at a cemetery (much like a committal service for traditional earth burial). A cemetery committal would be restricted to daylight hours and subject to rules of the cemetery. The cemetery may require supervision of a licensed funeral director, and some cemeteries require a permanent urn for inurnment in a niche space (above-ground mausoleum space) or an urn vault for earth burial of cremated remains.

Provided the appropriate parties are available to sign any applicable authorization forms, some cemeteries will permit cremated remains to be buried in the grave space of a close relative, i.e. son’s cremated remains placed in the same grave space as a parent. This situation could potentially cause a delay in scheduling, so when possible, it’s best if addressed in advance.

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